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The Competent Authority grants the Regulatory Consent in accordance with the provision of the Section 16 and 17  of the Atomic Energy Act, 1962 and the Rule 3 of the Atomic Energy (Radiation Protection) Rules, 2004 for handling radiation sources.

Consent is granted in the form of a licence, an authorisation, a registration, an Approval and a type approval depending upon the hazard potential associated with the different radiation sources.

A licence is applicable to highest hazard radiation sources and registration to lowest hazard sources, while the practices and devices having very small quantities of radioactive material are exempted from Regulatory consent e.g. consumer products.

A consent for Nuclear & Radiation facilities is issued by AERB for the following stages:
  1. Siting,
  2. Construction,
  3. Commissioning,
  4. Operation, and
  5. Decommissioning
  • Operator Licensing
    The NPP and Research Reactor operators are licensed on demonstration of their knowledge during on job training in checklists, written examinations, walk through and after recommended by the Licensing Committee for Operating Personnel for a particular station. This Operator Licensing Committees are constituted by Chairman, AERB. This procedure is followed for Level-I, Level-II and Level-III Authorisation of Operators. The statement of Authorisation is generally issued by Chief of Plant Management.

    The operators of NFC & HWPs are also licensed by AERB.


A type of Regulatory Consent issued by the Regulatory Body to a proposal.
A type of regulatory consent issued by the Regulatory Body for all sources, practices and uses involving radioactive materials and radiation generating equipment.
The deliberate omission of a practice, or specified sources within a practice, from regulatory control, or from some aspects of regulatory control, by regulatory body on the grounds that the exposures which the practice or sources cause or have the potential to cause are sufficiently low as to be of no regulatory concern.
It is a type of regulatory consent, granted by the Regulatory Body for all sources, practices and uses for nuclear facilities involving the nuclear fuel cycle and certain categories of radiation facilities. It also means authority given by the regulatory body to a person to operate the above mentioned facilities.
Type Approval
Approval issued by the Competent Authority based on evaluation of a device to ensure that it conforms to safety standards.
A type of regulatory consent for sources and practices that include (i) medical diagnostic x-ray equipment including computed tomography (CT) and therapy simulator, (ii) analytical x-ray equipment used for research, (iii) nucleonic gauges, (iv) radioactive sources in tracer studies (v) biomedical research using radioactive materials and (vi) any other source and practice notified by the competent authority.
Regulatory Consent
It is a written permission issued to the consentee by the Regulatory Body to perform the specified activities related to nuclear and radiation facilities. The types of consents are 'Licence', 'Authorisation', 'Registration', and 'Approval' and will apply depending upon the category of the facility, the particular activity and radiation source involved.