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REGULATORY FORMS (Radiation Facilities)
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Radiation Facilities:

Radiation is used in medicine, industry and research apart from its use for production of electricity. Use of radiation in research includes medical, agricultural, industrial and university research.

The radiation facilities in India may be broadly classified as Medical, Industrial and Research.

Medical installations include Diagnostic X-ray facilities, Radiation Therapy facilities and Nuclear Medicine Centres practicing diagnosis and therapy.

Industrial installations include Industrial Radiography institutes, Gamma Radiation Processing facilities, Institutions using Nucleonic Gauges including well logging devices and manufacturers of Consumer Products.

Research installations include universities and other research institutes handling a variety of sealed and unsealed radiation sources and also X-ray facilities for research purposes.

The regulatory activities relating to radiation facilities are the following:

  1. Conducting type approval tests for radiation devices and packages for transport of radioactive materials so as to ensure compliance with national regulatory requirement.

  2. Issuance of Type approval Certificate for radiation devices and packages for transport of radioactive material.

  3. Issuance of License / Authorisation to users of radiation sources.

  4. Issuance of Registration Certificates to medical X-ray installations.

  5. Lay out approval of radiation installation from radiation safety view point.

  6. Authorisation for decommissioning of radiation facility and transport of spent/disused sources for disposal.

  7. Inspection of radiation installations, devices and packages containing radioactive material for compliance assurance.

  8. Investigation of unusual occurrences including excessive exposures.

  9. Preparation of regulatory documents (e.g., Safety Codes, Standard Specifications and Safety Guides).

  10. Other activities (e.g., Human Resource Development and R & D)