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Safety Review Committee for Operating Plants
Reconstitution order No. :CH/AERB/COMM/25/2016/1271 Dated : November 21, 2016

Shri Dinesh Kumar Shukla Chairman Executive Director, AERB
Shri S. Duraisamy Vice-Chairman Former Vice-chairman, AERB
Shri Y.K. Taly Member Chairman, BSC, BARC
Shri V.K. Raina Member Former Director, Reactor Group, BARC
Dr. (Smt.) Sadhana Mohan
Member AD, Chemical Engineering Group, BARC
Shri S. Singharoy
Member Project Director JNPP, NPCIL and Chairman, NPC-SRC (O)
Dr. P. Selvaraj Member Associate Director, Reactor Analysis Group, Reactor Design Group, IGCAR
Shri R.J. Patel
Associate Director, RD&DG & Head, RSD, BARC
Shri S.C. Mahajan
Former Associate Director, Automation and Manufacturing Group, BARC
Shri R.J. Purohit Member Former SO/H+, Health Physics Division, BARC
Dr. P. K. Vijayan Member Former Director, RDDG, BARC
Shri C.S. Varghese Member Head, Nuclear Projects Safety Division, AERB
Shri V.V. Pande Member Head, IPSD, AERB
Shri P.R. Krishnamurthy Member-Secretary Director, Nuclear Facilities Regulations Group & OPSD, AERBSend mail
  • The quorum for SARCOP shall be six.  SARCOP should invite the Head of the concerned facility when considering aspects relating to that facility.
  • SARCOP shall be responsible for safety surveillance and enforcement of AERB safety standards and directives in the operating nuclear and radiation facilities under jurisdiction of AERB, as given below:
    • All operating nuclear and radiation facilities of DAE and its constituent units except
      • BARC and its facilities
      • Any other specifically identified facilities
    • Beach Sand Mining and Mineral Processing Plants in private sector
    • Any other facility specifically identified by Chairman, AERB
  • SARCOP shall :
    • review operational safety, applications fir issue/renewal of licenses/authorisations & licensing conditions and proposed changes in design and operating practices in these facilities.
    • evaluate operational experience in the light of statutory requirements and stipulations of AERB as well as the recommendations of ICRP, IAEA and such other international bodies and
    • undertake studies having bearing on safety of nuclear & radiological operations in the above facilities and adopt suitable measures to ensure safety.
    • undertake any other responsibility assigned by AERB.
    and recommend technical and administrative measures and issue directives/stipulations as necessary
  • SARCOP shall keep AERB informed of the safety status of the facilities through periodic reports.
  • SARCOP shall be provided with periodic reports on safety related matters of the facilities by the agencies entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring the radiological, indsutrial and environmental safety status of these facilities on a continuous basis.
  • In carrying out its functions, SARCOP may appoint Advisory Committees in consultation with Chairman, AERB. SARCOP may also constitute subordinate committees, as necessary, for discharging its responsibilities.
  • Follow up and enforcement of SARCOP directives/stipulations by the facilities shall be carried out by the concerned Divisions of AERB.  Cases of non-compliance, if any, will be brought to the notice of Chairman, SARCOP for actions as appropriate, including restrictions or suspension of operation of the facility, under intimation to AERB.
  • Appeals against SARCOP decisions shall lie with AERB.  It shall, however, be obligatory for the concerned facility to first implement the decision of SARCOP, within the stipulated time, notwithstanding the submission of any appeal.