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Links to Committees Arranged in Alphabetical Order
Advisory Committee for preparation of Code & Guides on Governmental Organization for the Regulation of Nuclear & Radiation facilities
Advisory Committee on Industrial and Fire Safety
Advisory Committee on Nuclear and Radiation Safety
Advisory Committee on Occupational Health
Advisory Committee for Project Safety Review of Fuel Cycle Facilities
Advisory Committee for Project Safety Review of Fast Reactor Fuel Cycle Facility and Demonstration Fuel Reprocessing Plant (ACPSR-FRFCF), IGCAR, Kalpakkam
Advisory Committee for Project Safety Review of Kudankulam NPP 1&2
Advisory Committee for Project Safety Review of Kudankulam NPP 3to6 and JNPP Projects
Advisory Committee for Project Safety Review of PHWRs/PFBR
Advisory Committee for Review of Safety Research
Advisory Committee on Safety Documents relating to Fuel Cycle Facilities other than Nuclear Reactors
General Information on AERB Committees
AERB Committees

The rationale of the multi-tiered policy making, updating and safety review system is based on the multi-disciplinary, multi-organisational and multi level nature of the review process in the interacting agencies to provide the necessary Independence, Redundancy, and Defence in depth characteristics. AERB constitutes various types of committees for achieving its mission.

Committees are constituted by either Chairman, AERB or Chairman, SAfety Review Committee for Operating Plant (SARCOP).

Vice-Chairman, AERB is the Chairman of SARCOP.

The AERB Committees may be categorised into following groups:

  1. Advisory Committees
  2. Project Design Safety Review Committees
  3. Safety Review Committees
  4. Licensing Committees
  5. Standing Committees
  6. Technical Review and Assessment Committees
  7. Task Forces
  8. AERB's Internal Committees
Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees include the committees for preparation of Regulatory Documents, Project Safety Review, Nuclear Safety Review and other specific activities. Advisory Committees for Project Safety Review (ACPSRs) conduct review of the safety compliance of utility at the project design, construction and commissioning stage vis-à-vis the Indian and International safety requirements and current safety standards. These Advisory committees perform vital roles in the consenting process of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) at the project stage.

The Advisory Committees for Regulatory Documents (e.g., ACCGORN, ACCGASO, ACCQA, ACCGD and others) play major roles in identification of requirements and preparation, review & revision of Regulatory Documents published by AERB. Advisory Committees in general are bodies that participate in the policy making in terms of specification of safety norms for nuclear and radiological safety. Advisory Committee on Nuclear Safety addresses generic nuclear safety issues and policies for keeping a vigil on practical implementation of safety norms related to the nuclear safety aspects and reviews all the Regulatory Documents related to Nuclear Power Plants before these are published by AERB. It also identifies Safety Analysis requirements for specific tasks that may be necessary for meeting current safety standards in Indian NPPs (e.g. ECCS Retrofitting, Core Shroud Inspection etc.).

Safety Review Committees

Safety Review Committees that are overall agencies to monitor the compliance of safety norms are SAfety Review Committee for Application of Radiation (SARCAR) and SAfety Review Committee for Operating Plants (SARCOP). 

SARCAR is the safey monitoring and enforcing committee of AERB that reviews safety aspects related to application of radiation in all the non-DAE units. SARCAR reviews and advises on radiation safety issues in the application of radiation sources and equipment in industry, medicine, agriculture and research as well as transportation of radioactive materials in public domain. It is also the main agency for carrying out the tasks associated with the consenting process for granting of licence for handling radioactive materials under Atomic Energy (Radiation Protection) Rules, 2004.

SARCOP monitors the safety status of and enforces the regulatory norms applicable to Operating Plants of the DAE Units. While maintaining its legacy of being the only authority for rerviewing and enforcing safety compliance by utility in operating plants since pre-AERB days, it constitutes other committees to carry out associated specific tasks and provide feedback regularly on safety status of Operating Units.