The Mission of the AERB is to ensure the use of ionising radiation and nuclear energy in India does not cause undue risk to the health of people and the environment.

The Board is entrusted with the responsibility for laying down safety standards and framing rules and regulations covering regulatory and safety functions envisaged under the above Act. AERB has therefore undertaken a programme of developing safety standards, codes, guides and manuals for both nuclear and radiation facilities, covering all aspects such as siting, design, construction, operation, quality assurance, decommissioning and regulation.

Safety Standards contain internationally accepted safety criteria for design, construction and operation of specific equipment, systems, structures and components of nuclear and radiation facilities.

Safety Codes are intended to establish objectives and to set minimum requirements that shall be fulfilled to provide adequate assurance for safety in nuclear and radiation facilities.

Safety Guides provide guidelines and make available the methods for implementing specific requirements as prescribed in line with the relevant Safety Code(s).

Safety Manuals are intended to elaborate specific aspects and may contain detailed technical information and/or procedures. Consistent with accepted practice, "shall" and "should" used in these documents distinguish between firm requirements and a desirable option respectively, for the benefit of the user.

Emphasis in the above documents is on protection of site personnel, the public and the environment from unacceptable radiological hazards. For aspects not covered, applicable and acceptable national and international codes and standards shall be followed.

Industrial safety in nuclear and radiation facilities is to be ensured through compliance with the applicable provisions of the Factories Act, 1948 and the Atomic Energy (Factories) Rules, 1996.

The Codes, Guides and Manuals will be revised as and when necessary in the light of the experience and feedback from users as well as new developments in the field.

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