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Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
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Latest AERB News
Sl. No. Date Heading
1 17-Dec-2014 Obituary - Shri S.K. Sharma, Former Chairman, AERB passed away on December 16, 2014
2 28-Jan-2014 AERB issues Clearance for Raising Reactor Power up to 75 percent FP - Phase-C2 for Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project Unit No 1
3 28-Jan-2014 AERB issues Clearance for Raising Reactor Power up to 75 percent FP - Phase-C2 for Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project Unit No 1
4 20-Jan-2014 On-line Licensing through e-LORA for Medical Diagnostic X-ray Equipment and Approval of Radiological Safety Officer launched on 20/01/2014 Click here for Guidelines
5 09-Jan-2014 Schedule of Radiation Safety Certification Programme for Regularisation of Radiotherapy Technologists - 2014
6 18-Dec-2013 30th DAE Safety & Occupational Health Professionals Meet at Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL) during December 18-20, 2013.
7 09-Dec-2013 AERB Directive on Criteria and Assessment procedures for notification of nuclear incident under the Civil Liability for Nuclear damage Act, 2010
(Click here for Hindi PDF)
8 08-Dec-2013 Gazette notification regarding extraordinary nuclear events under subsection 1 of section 3 of the Civil Liability for Nuclear damage Act, 2010
9 13-Dec-2013 VVER Regulators Forum Meeting in India
10 10-Dec-2013 Office Order regarding continual use of 660 series of Techops or Amertest as radiography device and restricted transportation of these devices in view of expiry of validity of its type B-U certificate
11 21-Nov-2013 AERB released facility to record licence details of X-ray equipment in eLORA. Click here for guidelines.
12 04-Nov-2013 Guidelines for registering diagnostic radiology institutes with e-licensing application (eLORA)
13 18-Oct-2013 e-licensing application - eLORA extended for Existing Diagnostic Radiology facilities on October 17, 2013
14 07-Oct-2013 Atomic Energy Regulatory Board signs Memorandum of Understanding with Government of Arunachal Pradesh for setting up of Directorate of Radiation Safety in Arunachal Pradesh
15 20-Sep-2013 Pre-registration of Radiotherapy Institute in eLORA System
16 21-Aug-2013 e-Licensing of Radiation Application (eLORA) launched by AERB for Radiotherapy Facilities on August 12, 2013
17 15-Aug-2013 Clearance for Raising Reactor Power upto 50% FP and Synchronization of Generator of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project Unit 1
18 17-Jul-2013 Manual for Accreditation of Agencies for Quality Assurance of Diagnostic X-ray Equipment
19 17-Jul-2013 Regulatory Requirements for Agencies involved in supply, service and quality assurance of pre-owned (used/refurbished) Diagnostic x-ray equipment and its end users
20 11-Jul-2013 AERB grants Clearance for First Approch to Criticality for the first Pressurized Water Reactor in the country
21 21-May-2013 Atomic Energy Regulatory Board signs Memorandum of Understanding with Anna University, Chennai for Research Collaboration
22 06-May-2013 Latest News: Chairman, AERB's Interview published in Business Standard on April 27, 2013
23 19-Apr-2013 Quality Checks during Commissioning of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant - Unit 1
24 17-Apr-2013 AERB Industrial and Fire Safety Awards for Excellence
(Click here for Hindi PDF)
25 05-Mar-2013 Schedule of Radiation Safety Certification Programme for Regularization of Radiotherapy Technologists - 2013
26 31-Jan-2013 AERB Bulletin 2011-12 published
27 18-Jan-2013 Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Maharashtra for setting up of Directorate of Radiation Safety (DRS) in Maharashtra
28 11-Jan-2013 Interview of Shri S.S. Bajaj, Chairman, AERB published in the Powerline Magazine
29 21-Dec-2012 29th DAE Safety & Occupational Health Professionals Meet at Rawatbhata Rajasthan Site (RR Site) during Dec 17-19, 2012
30 13-Dec-2012 Agreement between Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) and the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine for Exchange of Technical Information and Co-operation on Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection
31 10-Dec-2012 AERB recognises outstanding achievements of its Staff
32 12-Oct-2012 USNRC Delegation visits AERB on October 11, 2012
33 09-Oct-2012 Exhibition and Awareness program on India Nuclear Energy and Radiation in Health Care 2012
32 28-Sep-2012 Rejoinder to the article ‘Stop Kudankulam fuelling, lives are at stake’ in DNA Newspaper dated September 24, 2012
33 01-Aug-2012 AERB bids a fond farewell to former Vice-chairman, Shri S.K. Chande
34 31-Jul-2012 Shri S. Duraisamy takes charge as Vice-chairman, AERB and Chairman, SARCOP
35 17-Jul-2012 Eligibility Criteria for Radiotherapy Technologists
36 28-May-2012 AERB Tender No. AERB/01/2012 on "Design, Development, Implementation, Operation, Support and Maintenance Services for ERP Package based Office Automation System (OAS) at AERB" .Last date for submission of proposals extended till 20/06/2012.
37 18-May-2012 AERB – USNRC Bilateral Meeting under Nuclear Safety Cooperation Programme
38 11-May-2012 AERB Granted permission for Opening Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) Top Head, Dummy Fuel Assembly Removal and RPV Inspection for Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project Unit#1
39 11-Apr-2012 AERB becomes member of Multinational Design Evaluation Programme (MDEP)
40 09-Mar-2012 AERB's Public Awareness Campaign at Nuclear Energy Educational Meet (NEEM), Velammal College of Engineering Technology, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
41 02-Mar-2012 AERB Meets a delegation from French Regulatory Authority
42 24-Feb-2012 AERB's initiative on public awareness: Exhibition and Awareness program (AWAKE2012) at Sathyabama University,Chennai
43 03-Feb-2012 Chennai Science Festival: A new chapter in AERB's initiative on public awareness
44 09-Nov-2011 Report of High Level AERB Committee on Safety Review of Indian NPPs against External Events of Natural Origin
45 04-Nov-2011 Physical Security for Industrial Gamma Radiography Exposure Devices (IGRED)
46 25-Oct-2011 AERB authorisation delegated to Head, Radiation Safety Agency (RSA), Mizoram to carry out the inspection of medical diagnostic X-ray installations in Mizoram State
47 19-Sep-2011 List of candidates called for interview for the post of Scientific Officer/Technical Officer - D/E against AERB Advertisement No. AERB/01/2011
48 26-Aug-2011 Padmashri Dr. (Ms.) K. Dinshaw, the renowned Ex-Director, Tata Memorial Centre and Board member of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, died on Friday, 26th August 2011 at 0650 hrs.
49 10-Aug-2011 AERB Board Reconstituted
50 21-Jul-2011 Regulatory Clearance for ‘First Pour of Concrete’ for Rajasthan Atomic Power Project Units 7&8
51 21-Jul-2011 Response to the complaint received by AERB in respect of manufacturers/suppliers of medical X-ray equipment
52 24-Jun-2011 IAEA Fact-finding Team Visits Japan
53 22-Jun-2011 Over Exposure of Workers Beyond Annual Regulatory Limits at KAPS
54 19-Apr-2011 Convention on Nuclear Safety – Highlights from 5th Review Meeting of Contracting Parties
55 25-Mar-2011 Formation of a Monitoring Cell in Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
56 25-Mar-2011 No increase in Radiation levels & Radioactivity in Air, Water and Leafy Vegetables at coastal sites of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) & Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS)
57 22-Mar-2011 Institutions for Testing of Radioactivity in Food