The mission of the AERB is to ensure the use of ionising radiation and nuclear energy in India does not cause undue risk to the health of people and the environment.


Directorate of Regulatory Inspection: DRI

Primary responsibilities

  • Integrating, harmonizing and improving effectiveness and efficiencies of inspection activities of AERB
  • Recommend measures to achieve synergy and convergence of purposes and resources for RI programme of AERB.
  • Coordination with safety review process for systematic collection of inputs for RI and providing outcomes.
  • Plan, coordinate and organise all types of RI (safety related as well security related: planned as well as special: announced as well as unannounced) at Nuclear. Radiation and other Industrial facilities under the purview of AERB.
  • Resource mobilisation for field inspections (Formulation of RI teams drawing officers and staff from various Divisions. RRCs, other external experts).
  • Issue RI reports after harmonising the findings their safety significance.
  • Review RI responses, identify the safety issues and forward to respective Division of AERB for further review and enforcement actions, as necessary.
  • Maintain database for all RIs observations, recommendations and issues based on RI findings and carry out periodic analysis for feedback and improvement in future inspections, safety review processes and developing RI indicators.
  • Follow-up all pending RI recommendations for satisfactory and time bound resolution and communicate them periodically to the consentee and respective Division of AERB for further review and enforcement actions.
  • Support preparation of regulatory documents, especially pertaining to RI process.
  • Continually improve the RI process through self-assessment, experience feedback from National as well as International Bodies
  • Support R&DD in arranging the training & competence development programme, especially for Lead Inspectors and Inspectors.
  • Augmentation of RRCs and utilising them efficiently in the RI programme of AERB.
  • Consider extension of the scope of RIs to activities related to design, procurement and off-site fabrication of components of Nuclear Facilities in a phased manner.
  • Consider deployment of on-site AERB observers at Nuclear Facilities.
  • Provide inputs with regard to inspection activities of AERB for the annual reports, website of AERB, questions raised in the Parliament of India and under the Right to Information Act, etc.
  • Identification of and coordination with other agencies Supporting RI functions (such as DRS and other appropriate organisations)
Industrial Plants Safety Division:IPSD
Nuclear Projects Safety Division:NPSD
Nuclear Safety Analysis Division:NSAD
Operating Plant Safety Division:OPSD
Radiological Safety Division:RSD
Resources & Documentation Division:R&DD
Siting & Structural Engineering Division:SSED

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